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Arriving at Tamshiyacu

Distributing Water Filters


    Our 2012 Mission Trip to Peru was a bit different – we travelled on Wednesday, arrived in Iquitos on Thursday, worked in Tamshiyacu on Friday and Saturday, stayed overnight in Tamshiyacu Saturday night, worshipped with the congregation in Tamshiyacu on Sunday, and then worked Monday and Tuesday before starting home on Wednesday.  Our major work project was rebuilding the fence around the play area for the SCOTA School and church.  We also held a Bible School for the children of the village four afternoons and distributed 98 Water Bucket Filtration Systems to families (90) and schools (8) in Tamshiyacu.  Added to the 40 we distributed last summer (and the 22 which will be distributed this Fall replacing the ones damaged during the shipping process), there will be over 140 families; and children, youth and adults in more than 8 schools/municipality buildings enjoying the benefits of clean drinking water!

     During our Saturday afternoon and evening in Tamshiyacu we went swimming in the back waters of the Amazon, played soccer with the children, ate with Pastor Ricardo, his wife, Lupe and their children,  gathered a crowd together at the church in the evening for a showing of the “Jesus Movie” and enjoyed the “night life” on the plaza of the village.  Many of us rose early Sunday morning for a sunrise walk through the jungle and breakfast before joining the congregation in lively worship.

    I accepted the invitation of Pastor Ricardo to stay in Tamshiyacu Sunday night so that I could preach at the special Father’s Day Worship Service that evening.  With three rows of men seated in the front of the church, and the rest of the sanctuary packed with women and children, I spoke about the importance of the father in the home, and that fathers should set a good example for their children.  Several men then gave their testimony, and then we shared a meal together.

   It was another awesome trip in the Amazon as we continued to build relationships, share our love for Christ, and grow in our own faith.

                        Dave Henry, Associate Pastor  
First Presbyterian Church, Jefferson City, MO

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Team members with
Pastor and his family

Building a fence
around the SCOTA School


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