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Amazon Mission Fellowship is a Christian organization that serves in covenant relationship with churches
in the Peruvian Amazon for the shared purpose of nurturing spiritual growth in and through Jesus Christ.

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First Presbyterian, Jefferson City, MO
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Middle Octorara Presbyterian, Quarryville,PA
2010 Trip to Tamshiyacu, Peru

Comments from two of our 2010 Peru Crew members:

“The time I spent in the Amazon was by far one of the best times of my life, the whole experience was indescribable.  Spending my time with the Peruvian people, especially the children, was life changing; I came back with a whole new outlook on life. Even though I may never see the people from Peru again, I built life-long relationships with them that will last forever. I hope that I can go back sometime in the future, actually I know I will go back I just hope it will be sometime soon! I wish that everyone would get the chance to experience a trip as miraculous as the one I went on!”    ~Emily Collins




“How would you respond if I said... sleeping on airplanes, hot muggy weather, no running water, language barrier, mosquitoes, only bottled water, learning to use a new money?  I say PERU!!   What an amazing experience I had in Peru.  None of those barriers should stop anyone from experiencing this amazing trip to the Amazon to meet and work with and worship and celebrate with the people there!
   This is Gods world, here and in Peru.  It is beautiful and amazing.  We are all God's children, here and in Peru and I have been amazed by the Peruvian children!   They are loving, curious, fun and beautiful.  God Bless them all!”   -Cindy Gaines


Our 2010 Peru Crew departed from St. Louis on Friday, June 11 and arrived in Iquitos, Peru on Saturday, June 12.  The members of the 2010 Peru Crew were:  Emily Collins; Audrey Gaines, Cindy Gaines, Alex Denning, Katie Denning, Dave Henry, David McAdams, Josee Wilson, Katy Wilson (from FPC, Jefferson City); Jason and Misty Hilkerbaumer (Bethel-Salem Presbyterian Church, Morrison, MO) and Dan and Boni Henry (Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church, Quarryville, PA).



Our Work Project for 2010 was the building of Play Equipment for the SCOTA School in Tamshiyacu, the village of our sister-church.  Our 2009 Peru Crew built a fence on the land behind the SCOTA School, and Pastor Ricardo and other church/village folks leveled the land and cleared it for the play equipment.  Pastor Ricardo, with the aid of Juan (the “man with the chain saw”) cut the lumber from the jungle prior to our arrival. 



In addition, the 2010 Peru Crew held a Bible School for the children of the church and village of Tamshiyacu (with over 200 children), and spent time playing with the special needs children of the SCOTA School.  We observed Patty, the teacher, who demonstrates great love and compassion for the children.



We spent Tuesday night in Tamshiyacu (with lots of bugs!), swam in the Amazon, saw the pink dolphin, ate Peruvian foods, experienced an amazing sunrise on an early morning walk through the Amazon Rainforest, worshipped on Sunday morning and Tuesday evening with the Tamshiyacu congregation, and participated in the Baptism of six youth and the celebration of Communion with our Peruvian brothers and sisters!  It was an awesome, inspiring, productive, life-changing week!  


 In Christ’s Service,

 - Dave Henry

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