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   Pano of Bridge and Stream, Gallito area

Amazon Mission Fellowship is a Christian organization that serves in covenant relationship with churches
in the Peruvian Amazon for the shared purpose of nurturing spiritual growth in and through Jesus Christ.

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Workers and village children
relaxing together


Village Walk

First Presbyterian, Jefferson City, MO
~~ and ~~
Middle Octorara Presbyterian, Quarryville,PA
2009 Trip to Tamshiyacu, Peru

We built a fence behind the Church and SCOTA School in Tamshiyacu to make a safe area for children to play – and painted the fence.



Our translator ~ Freddie
















We held a Bible School each day, and Kathy Evans of our Peru Crew painted “religious symbols” on the faces of the children.

Our Peru Crew 2009  



 In Christ’s Service,

 - Dave Henry

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Typical medical clinic

Story Time!