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2008 Trip to Gallito, Peru

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Saturday, June 28, 2008


Hello all,

We finally made it to Iquitos after 22 hours of travel.  Everyone made it and all of our bags made it. We had a scare in Miami. They were overbooked and Lynne and Barbara did not get boarding passes.

They were  9th and 10th on the overbook list.  Well, all worked out and they were the last two to get seats on the plane.  Today we will be bagging medicine and buying supplies.  Tomorrow we will be attending Church in Gallito.

God Bless, Bill

Sunday, June 29, 2008


We had a great day in Gallito today.  We attended church in Gallito with Pastor Edwar preaching.  After church we gave out soccer balls that were donated by the LOGOS 4th grade class and we toured the village.  We then spent the evening in Iquitos bagging meds for tomorrows clinic.

Yesterday we bought supplies for the week.  Our construction group will be painting the interior and exterior of the church, completing a Chicken Coup, and building a fence around the church property.  OuPastor's house.r medical team will also set up the medical clinic in the church tomorrow. 
We anticipate seeing about 300 each day.
After we bought our supplies yesterday, Pastor Edwar invited Nathan and I to his house.  We had a nice visit with his family.  His living room
has a dirt floor and one outside wall only has board going half-way up the wall.  They cook on their front porch and they have a small sleeping room in the back.  In one way it was sad to see his living conditions, but on the other hand they were very happy, proud, and
it was a loving home.

Good night and God Bless,  Bill


Hello All:

Soccer game with Amazon children.

Today we gave out the Soccer Balls to the kids in Gallito.  We were able to buy 14 Soccer Balls and 2 Basketballs with the "Pay it Forward" monies that the Logos Fourth Grade gave us. 
See the attached picture. 
The kids in Gallito loved them.


God Bless, Bill





1 Monday, June 30,2008



We spent a great day today in the village of Gallito. 2
We set up our medical clinic and saw over 150 people. We also painted the inside and outside of the Church and we got started on the barbed wire fence around the property. The members of the church in Gallito have so much pride in their church and in their community. Right along side of us we have 15 Peruvians working hand-in-hand with us. As you can see by the pics we actually caught Skip painting and Monty was doing a wonderful job of supervising his Peruvian work crew.

Today was such a blessing!

Tomorrow we will give the church a second coat and finish the fence.
We also plan to build a new set of
steps up to the church.

God Bless, Bill



1 Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Good Evening,

We had a great day in Gallito today. Our Peruvian brothers finished the fence.
We painted and started building new steps to the church. We had a helper
today in the form of a spider - a tarantella spider. We did a bible school with
the children and it was the highlight of the day. We sang with them in Spanish
and English, read them a story, and played games with them. They are so eager
to learn English.

God Bless, Bill



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Hello all,Galliton Church being painted

We had another good day in Gallito today. We completed a second coat of paint on the inside of the church and Marcy painted a blue strip around the base of the outside of the church. We also sanded and varnished the doors and windows. Monty and Zach completed the new front steps into the church and the Peruvian crew worked on the Chicken Coop. Our medical crew was hard at work today and we had another successful bible school with the kids. After bible school we played some games with the kids and even some of mothers joined in on the fun.

It is hard to believe that our week is half over. Please pray for us. We did have one
small issue when Zach stepped on a nail and it went into his foot. The medical team
fixed him up and he was back to work in 10 minutes.

God Bless, Bill

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Another great day today. We painted some more on the church and we also had
a nice bible school with the kids. We did get some free time today and was able to
walk back into the jungle. The village houses are along the Amazon River and if you
go 50 feet behind the houses, you are in the deep jungle.

Tomorrow will be our last day in the village. It will be sad to leave our friends behind,
but we know that the Lord will watch over them until we can see them again.

Throughout the world, we are all God´s Children!

God Bless, Bill

Friday, July 4, 2008 Villager helping repair church in Gallito.


Today was a happy and sad day. We where blessed to be able to work
with our Peruvian brothers and sisters again today and very sad that we had
to leave knowing that we will not be able to see them for another year.

In the morning we completed our painting and people were lined up for the
medical clinic. In the afternoon we gave out shoes to the church members and
also care packages donated by the Logos ¨Pay it Forward¨ project.

We then said goodbye to our friends. I can not wait to return next year.


Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Gallito Peru.


God Bless, Bill


Gallito Church

Gallito Church


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